What if you could make your identity almost completely unhackable? Given the latest debacles in security by major corporations that allowed your sensitive information to be breached, the question of identity security has really been on the forefront of everyone’s minds (not that it wasn’t before). So, in consideration of the current identity protection measures Americans (and other nations) have in place, it seems that they are obviously antiquated in today’s technological environment. I began wondering how to combine technologies in order to make one’s identity almost unhackable. Since we have the infant technology already at our disposal, perhaps instead of focusing on one solution, we could combine them to make it as strong as possible.

And, THAT is where I think combining biometrics, RFID and blockchain technologies could really “lay the smack down” on criminals looking to steal your identity. Each tech, when used as a stand-alone has it’s vulnerabilities:

RFID chips can be hacked and cloned, among other issues
Biometrics can be tricked in some sophisticated ways
Blockchain, if not decentralized, can be at risk of attack and theft just as any database currently is.

So, combine all three! A chip in the hand, that is scanned by a reader that reads the biometrics at the same time (makes cloning a chip pointless unless the thief can also duplicate the victim’s palm pattern, and at the same time makes trying to fake a pattern pointless unless the thief can read the chip) There are some companies out there who are combining RFID-Blockchain and Biometrics-Blockchain, this is true. However, I am a person who thinks in terms of efficiency. And, I love to ponder how to combine things to make them much more useful. But, I am no expert when it comes to these technologies.

So, those of you who are involved in these technologies, let me know why this idea could or couldn’t work!

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