Can AI Tell You’re Burned-Out at Work Before You Can?

It’s hard enough for us to recognize the beginning stages of burnout at work in ourselves, let alone managers recognizing the early signs in their subordinates. HR departments commit a lot of resources on identifying sources of burnout and ever-increasingly innovative ways to keep employees motivated. The Japanese startup, Attuned, is working on the most intriguing solution yet by using AI to predict and prevent workplace burnout. “Predictive HR Analytics” is the what the company calls the service. An easy survey is all the company says it needs to give any manager insight into what motivates their employees. So, how does Predictive HR Analytics work?

A user answers a survey consisting of 55 questions where they are given two statements per question. “Planning my day in advance gives me a sense of security,” and “I prefer to be able to decide which task to focus on at any given time.” The user tells the program how much each statement applies to them. Do they “strongly prefer” it, “prefer” it, or “somewhat prefer” it? The program then analyzes the responses, scoring them based on 11 areas that are key human motivators, including “feedback,” “autonomy,” “competition,” “financial needs,” and “security,” resulting in a personalized “motivational profile”.

A “neutral” motivator is an area the person scores low in, while a “need to have” motivator will have the highest results. Is there an office or customer event that needs to be planned? Compose the team of individuals who score high in the “social” motivator category. Looking to start a team of remote workers? Look for someone who scores high in “autonomy,” and they’ll likely surpass your expectations. But, things that motivate humans change with time. So, the company offers the service as a subscription, which provides spontaneous surveys every couple of weeks to keep up with those changes. Starting at $1,960, the basic yearly subscription will be well worth it if it can help prevent burnout, boost productivity and, most importantly, keep employees happy!

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