Digital DNA & Metabolome DataSec: Build a Blockchain IN Them?

This is a “What IF” journey on my initial thoughts about DataSec for Digital DNA and Digital Metabolomes.

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Just a few days ago, researchers at Brown University released their findings for a project studying the ability to surpass the data storage capacity of Digital DNA by using artificial metabolomes and some secret sauces to encode images of a cat and an ibex. Want to know more?

So, as the wandering mind of a futurist often does, I began to contemplate the implications of this discovery. I mean, they could be HUGE! Before this, I wondered if we could encode information into our DNA to create a species of superintelligent humans.

Of course, with this revelation regarding metabolomes, I couldn’t help but begin to question the kind of data security that would be needed. As the technology becomes more mainstream and big businesses like Google begin to transfer their data over, how do we keep it safe? Keep it in locked vaults? Inject top secret information into dignitaries? Perhaps. It won’t take up much space, after all.

But, what if this tech goes really mainstream and normal folks have access to it? Imagine we simply upload our family vacation pictures into a tiny vial. Maybe your business or personal financial records for the last 10 years. What then?

Regardless of the information that is stored and where it is kept, such a tiny vial could easily go missing. The likelihood of a portable reader device coming into existence is pretty plausible. And, that may open up opportunities for thieves to quickly copy or edit the data. How would anyone know about data breaches if thieves were able to bypass regular security measures? How do we mark the DMetabolomes to identify each unique piece of information? How will the information be cataloged?

That is what led me to wonder if we would be able to build a blockchain on DDNA/DMetabolomes? After all, DNA/Metabolomes are the building blocks of life. And, if we did, what would it look like? Given the potential for the DMetabolomes (DMeta for short?) to begin to interact with one another and perform their own computations while suspended in their magic secret sauce, could it be possible?

Of course, there is the issue of it being a centralized ledger in the beginning. It would need to be a distributed ledger. I imagine that functionality would need to be on the reader itself. Or, perhaps one side of the tech, such as the DNA would be the ledger key, and the metabolomes would store the data. Heck, even some combination thereof may work.

If you were looking for some kind of answer by reading this article, I don’t have one. None of us do, yet, as far as I can tell. The tech is far too new. This is, as I mentioned, simply a “What IF” scenario. The one thing I do know is that at some point very soon, these questions will need to be answered.

So, what do you think about it? Possible? Impossible? Too mind-numbing to contemplate right now? I want to hear your thoughts!

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