The Bonsai Tree

Dear Elon, I Sent You a Bonsai Tree

The note I included was short and simple. It read “If anyone can make citizen science popular, it is you, Elon. Find inspiration in GridCoin. Much Respect & Good Luck, @NewWrldOptimist.” This note will give a little more detail.

Part of the reason I sent it was to hopefully get your attention and propose that you create a cryptocurrency that incentivizes your fans to contribute their spare computing power to process scientific data. does this. But, they do not have the devoted following that you do.

Imagine the discoveries we could make if this were to be combined with the Starlink, Tesla, and Neuralink networks. You would also be setting up infrastructure for us Earthlings to help process data from Mars when the time comes. I know you’re busy saving humanity in so many ways, but I do hope you give this idea serious consideration.

But, there was also another reason I sent the Bonsai tree. If properly cared for, it can live for generations. Superstition has it that receiving a Bonsai tree brings good luck. While I aspire to be able to visit Mars one day, the odds are squarely against me. So, it is my sincere desire that you send this tree there in my place. A small symbol representing all the Earth-bound people who yearn to, but will never get to take the next step in humanity’s evolution and wishing good luck to those who do.

With sincere admiration and respect,

Kimberly Forsythe



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Kimberly Forsythe

I lean so far to the left that I circle back to the right & vice versa. Beware: I have a Paradox Mindset.