I have lived in communes and worked on building permaculture gardens. I am not as extreme as some transhumanists in their desire to create a fully digital world. I would like to see us advance out of the need to work manual labor, gardening only because we find pure joy in it, not because we need to. I am currently working on a project to build a vertical aquaponics farm to feed an entire country and reduce the need to import food so we can reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture. I am no stranger to what it is you desire to see. And, I respect your desire to live in harmony with nature. I share it to an extent. However, I also believe that the intelligence humans hold was spawned in the cosmos, and will eventually return to it in more ways than we can fathom at this point in our understanding. The Earth will die one day. There is no stopping that. Human evolution is more than just what we have seen. Much more.

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New World Optimist - I 🖤 asking “What if?” -Leveraging the power of techno-optimism to improve the human condition in exciting and thought-provoking ways.

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