I see this concept more and more in articles, but I have yet to see it reflected in real-life job opportunities. Even though I had been working for myself as a freelancer for a few years now, I would apply to jobs if they seemed interesting. Not one was interested in my skills, of which I have many. Instead, for those that I could follow up with, they chose someone with more specialization. I believe more people should be polymaths, yes. But, that is scary to many of the companies because it seems like they feel like one is either over-qualified or simply not able to focus on a single path. Hopefully, as you suggest, more companies will begin to take a harder look at the value generalists can bring.

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New World Optimist - I 🖤 asking “What if?” -Leveraging the power of techno-optimism to improve the human condition in exciting and thought-provoking ways.

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