I was just thinking about writing a piece yesterday about moving beyond the #MeToo and how I kinda miss the times before it. It is rooted in good intentions that morphed into something toxic, mostly for the sake of profit on the part of talking heads, exploiting & twisting real issues. Now, when I forget the eggshells we are all walking on and call a man “sweetie”, they often fire back with a mockery of it making them uncomfortable and reference #MeToo in some way.

Over-generalizations can be toxic. Not all men are terrible, not all women are crazy feminists. We each carry at least a little understanding of the other side, whether we want to admit it or not. Individually, almost every person has a huge heart. I hope one day we humans can get over our tendency to swing so far on one side or the other. Find common ground in the middle. Interesting note: While typing the tags, toxic masculinity had more than 800 references and toxic femininity had 13.

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New World Optimist - I 🖤 asking “What if?” -Leveraging the power of techno-optimism to improve the human condition in exciting and thought-provoking ways.

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