Pros and Cons of Height Lengthening for Cosmetic Purposes

In the last few decades, the use of leg lengthening surgical procedures has gone from a strictly medical procedure to become a common aesthetic procedure. Those who have gone through the lengthy procedure reportedsignificant boosts in their self-confidence and social capabilities. But, this boost comes only after a serious commitment to the procedure, and a lot of work on your part. Here are some of the top things to consider when thinking about leg lengthening surgery:

Let’s Start with the Pros

One theory about this is that we instinctually see those who are taller to be more powerful and intimidating, therefore taller men trigger a feeling of safety and security in women. That perception of being powerful also tends to propel taller men up the corporate and social ladders. Bloomberg reported that taller people actually get paid more money on average than their shorter counterparts.

Now, Changes & Cons

  • You will need to consume more calories every day — That extra muscle mass is going to need more fuel than you may have been accustomed to.
  • You will need to get an entirely new wardrobe. Depending on your lifestyle, this may be a pro or a con.
  • There will be scars left over on your legs, but most patients report that it does not affect their lives in any significant way.
  • Your center of gravity may take a little time to adjust. Be prepared to potentially hit your head on things you never had to worry about before.
  • Six months to one year of healing time. Remember, your body is building a significant amount of new bone, muscle, nerves, and flesh.
  • Pain, lots of it. During the procedure is reportedly the worst of it. Once the lengthening is done, the pain subsides greatly as healing increases.
  • The potential for serious side effects including nerve damage, bone damage from bowing and refracture, or joint stiffness could result from the procedure and may be reversible or lifelong.

If you’re considering height lengthening, it is very important to discuss your lifestyle and goals with your doctor. Also, be sure to research what costs may or may not be covered by your insurance to avoid surprises. Lastly, before undergoing any major elective surgeries, it may also be beneficial to speak with a therapist to make sure that it is truly the best solution for you.

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