That is absolutely correct. I am not ignorant on the past consequences of Communism. But, most people are very ignorant on the actual concepts behind FALC. There is a major difference here that people have a hard time grasping: Previously, we required human labor for the gulags. The gulags won’t exist because machines will/are doing the work. The dissenters: When people lose jobs, where do they often turn to help? Government. When the “government” has abundance because of automated vertical farms that are safe from the perils of weather and disease and can hand food out freely instead of a tiny loaf of bread and chees. When automated vehicles erase the need for people to afford a vehicle to get places. There may be a few dissenters, but why would they? There is no force, only abundance. We have the capabilities to do this RIGHT NOW. But, people can’t get over their own biases and brainwashing to see that this can all be done. THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEN AND NOW: This has never before been the case in human history. So, learn more about why people are trying to figure out how to keep the world from sliding into 1984 or a repeat of the USSR due to automation and less time focusing on the idea that things will always remain the same as they are now with people having lots of jobs to go around. It is naive to think the world won’t be drastically different in a very short time.

New World Optimist - I 🖤 asking “What if?” -Leveraging the power of techno-optimism to improve the human condition in exciting and thought-provoking ways.

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