The Need-to-Know Blockchain Company You’ve Probably Never Heard of

KSI Blockchain by Guardtime has built national security blockchains for several national governments. And, they are in nearly every industry of the public and private sectors.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid article, nor am I promoting them. I feel that because of the large influence this company has on building blockchains for governments, it is important for people (especially those who trade, work, or dabble in the area) to know who they are.

In 2008, Estonia began testing blockchain for use in their everyday government services such as:

  • National health services
  • Judicial
  • Legislative
  • Land Registry
  • Security and commercial code systems
  • Personal medicine
  • Business registry
  • Cybersecurity, and
  • Data embassies

In 2012, they implement blockchain for many of their governmental services, and citizens enjoy the many benefits of blockchain e-governance today. It took the US four more years to finally begin to see the benefits of blockchain on the national level with NATO and the Department of Defense for a possible secure messaging service.

And, since 2017, Guardtime has won the opportunities to also build a blockchain for the governments of Thailand, UK, China, and the Netherlands. They are poised to become one of — if not the — largest blockchain companies in the world. They also founded a Global Blockchain Association this year called the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications.

Just last month, they moved their headquarters to Switzerland after having their headquarters in Estonia since 2007. And, they have their hands in multiple sectors, including insurance, utilities, the health industry, cybersecurity, telecom, and supply chain management. Some of their subsidiary businesses include:

In China, Guardtime will be assisting the government with improving their food safety by allowing consumers to use their smartphones to check the QR codes on packaging and verify the origin. Additionally, their partner Aletheia will use blockchain to begin monitoring the automotive parts supply chain throughout the country.

In Thailand, they will assist the government in cybersecurity research. In other Asian markets, they have partnered with SUMMUS global to create a blockchain-powered medical specialist platform. In the European scene, aside from the Estonian government, Guardtime helps in the cyber range, critical infrastructure like utilities, the European space agency, and health industries.

It’s easy to see that Guardtime is really taking off to the moon when it comes to building blockchains for the government. If you’re a Bitcoin/Crypto trader and plan your trading strategy by the latest developments with the technology, you may want to consider adding Guardtime to your list of companies to keep an eye on for big news announcements.

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